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      Michael Zahorski

      I am just getting involved into the sport of karting, and I have seen different people doing different things to their tires. I’ve seen or heard that when you are done for the day, you let the air out of the tire and/or wrap plastic wrap around the tires, but have not seen everyone doing this. So my question to everyone is what do you do with your tires between track sessions, why do you do it, and do you notice anything different by doing it? Thanks in advanced for any and all responses that you may have.

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      Matthew Chin

      I do not do anything to my tires between sessions. However I have seen the same thing. If a tire is going into long term storage I would say it might be wise to wrap to try and hold the chemicals in the tires.

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      Walt Gifford

      Swap the tires left to right sometime during the day. Every other race day turn the tires around on the wheels. When you’re done for the day scrape all the clag off with a heat gun and putty knife then wash with Trac Tac Blue tire wash. Once dry, apply one coat of Trac Tac SST and you’re good to go for next week. For winter storage wrap with plastic wrap and shrink it with the heat gun.


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      Michael Zahorski

      Thanks, all great information!

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