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    Jason Ewers

    I am just curious in how many of you balance your tires and if anyone had ever tested balanced vs. non balanced

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    Gary Smith

    I buy used take-offs from my local kart shop. I have had problems in the past with severe front end shake without balancing. I now balance only the front tires with up to an ounce of weight, some tires take more weight, I stop at an ounce, not looking for perfect balance, just something close.


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    Greg Lindahl

    If you’re able to add an ounce, the tire is significantly out of balance.  For roadracing, I always balance my tires.  Better safe than shaking.

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    Bill Cox

    I never balanced tires when doing the sprint track series.  However, in road racing it’s very necessary…fronts in particular.  Next to mounting tires, balancing was on the “least favorite things to do” list.  After getting and learning to use the TurboTire Changer, mounting tires is not longer a big deal.  Recently, I began using balancing beads http://www.<b>motorcycle</b>-superstore.com/50004/i/counteract-<b>tire</b>-<b>balancing</b>-<b>beads</b&gt; .  (1) ounce in each tire…it’s amazingly simple and works for me!  I harvest and reuse what I can when unmounting the tires.
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    TJ Koyen

    I always balance the fronts. Some tracks are high-speed enough that it can make a pretty big difference with regards to vibration.

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    Walt Gifford

    I had a tire that was way out one time so, I think it’s worth checking before you get all the way to the track.


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