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      Josh Hovermale

      I just got a used T8 seat that is 1/4 padded.  The edges on the back of the padding/carpet have started to peel. Has anyone every glued their padding back on?

      Do you have a recommended glue/epoxy to use to adhere it back to the seat?  Looking for something that wont eat the fiberglass but strong enough to hold up.

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      Stu Hayner

      Stu Hayner Sent 1 second ago

      In my opinion, the best way to glue the pads down is to use 3M spray glue that you get from the Home Depot. 3M has a few different levels of stick, but I use the 3M hi-strength 90 adhesive (large green can).

      This I what I do on EVERY padded seat I install.

      Get the seat installed exactly where you want it and all the holes drilled in the sides (including the struts) through the pad.

      When finished, slowly remove the side pads, starting at the lowest and sharpest part of the pad. Get your fingers underneath everything right to the fiberglas. Be very careful not to rip any more of the foam than you have to, and continue lifting it up until all the holes that you have drilled are exposed. (You can use a small putty knife to help remove it).

      Clean the seat well (perfect is not necessary) where the pad is to be glued.

      Install all the bolts directly into the seat and tighten everything down.

      When completely finished, spray the 3M glue only down the outside one inch, of the pad. Spray both pads. When you’re finished with the second pad, the first pad should be ready to stick down.

      Starting at the top (this may not have been removed) massage the pad down over the bolts toward the bottom where it’s going to be glued to the seat. It may stick well enough to be finished at this time, but I sometimes stick packing tape down each side and leave it on for an hour or so.

      You should be done at this time.

      Check the seat bolts quite often to assure they are tight. (Your 5mm allen will fit through the padding where you originally drilled).

      The BIG reason I go through this process is because if you install the mounting bolts through the padding, over time the holes will round out to the size of a silver dollar and completely change how your kart handles.

      Note: The seat and seat installation is one of the most important handling tools in a kart)

      If you have ANY questions, please, please feel free to call or text me @ 714 305-6123. I will be glad to help you.

      F100karters.com – the most fun I’ve had in karting over the past 35 years!

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