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    Craig Dori

    Thanks to all at WKC for all their hard work, and another terrifically run weekend at VIR.

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    Chris Reinhardt

    What a great weekend from the folks at WKC!!!! Everybody was so nice from the ladies in sign up, to all the track personnel.  I would suggest making time for the Summit event, should be another great one!!!!

    What an awesome track layout!!!  I couldn’t get enough of coming up the through the esses flatout with the Superkart!!!!

    I have some video from the ESK pre_final I’ll post up once I have it edited….

    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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    Tony Isgrig

    Very well run event, once again by WKC.  Loved the garages and the turnout was pretty good.  For WKA to not race in the rain, our karts were pretty wet when they came to the scales !?!?  Hmmm…..

    Thanks to Rodney and the WKC gang along with Brandon and all of the officials for an overall great weekend of racing.

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    Jeff Wesell

    Fantastic race weekend from start to finish.  WKA, WKC and VIR staff did a tremendous job.

    Streeter Super Stands
    "Roll with The Best!"

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    I couldn’t agree more! A very smooth operation by WKA, WKC and VIR. Special thanks to the MGM Chassis crew next door for loaning us special tools we managed to leave home in Oklahoma.

    Thanks RD

    gokartroger HE Enduro

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    Bernard Adamson

    Could not agree more, it was a great race weekend from start to finish.

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    Brian Wilhelm

    Nice job WKC!

    Who do I send the bill to for all the grass I mowed over the weekend?

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    Larry Stewart

    I guess the same guy I need to send a bill to for straightening out the tire wall outside turn 4.

    Thanks to the WKC crew for getting the mess back to my van.

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    Austin Henry

    Are there results posted for this race?

    Austin Henry

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    Ian Morgan

    Here is the link to mylaps with the results.


    And thanks to Rodney and the WKC BOD for all their hard work to make these events run so smoothly. Awesome event!


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    Chris L Larson

    I would also like to say thank you to WKC, WKA, and VIR.  Truly a class act event!!!  Everything was very organized and  kept to schedule.  We certainly appreciated that. 

    Being from the midwest (along with Hatcher Racing), it was great for us to get to race against the many fast competitors in WKA.  Since we don’t have one organization, it makes it hard to claim a true National Champion.   Because of this, it’s good to branch out. 

    With that, I would like to personally invite you to attend the K.A.R.T. Grand Nationals on Oct 6-8 (one month after the last 2013 WKA race at Summit).  We have a strong series with many fast racers in both laydown and sit up classes.  The weather is great at that time of year as well.  Traditionally on Saturday after the races we have a free BBQ (and beer!) dinner followed by an awards presentation for the Friday & Saturday races. This is an excellent time to have fun and socilize with your fellow racers.  Heartland Park is also a first class facility and the track is very fun (OK, not quite as fun as VIR, but how can you compete with that!?).  As far as classes, KART is very accomodating to make sure that everyone can race.  We even have good turnouts in our junior classes so get your kids on the track & introduce them to road racing.  I guarantee you will have a good time. 

    Just don’t expect to come & take our Triads!  We protect those very closely just like you guys in WKA protect  your Eagles.   Sorry if there are any hard feelings towards Hatcher and I for taking home 4 Eagles over the last weekend.  Ha!  :)

    Chris Larson

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    Todd Kageals

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys in the WKC.  We had a blast racing at VIR.  Wish we could do that more than once a year.


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    Allan Dawson

    Dittos on WKC hosting a great event and what an awesome track…..can’t wait for next year!

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