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      Sean S

      I road race a Leopard with a RK Blue O-Ring chain. I know there is debate between running O-ring from a standard link chain because of it robbing power. In my mind, I would rather sacrifice a bit of power and last the entire 30+ minute race, rather than seizing or ruining chain/gears. In the past I’ve run a standard DID chain with Xeramic chain lube and finished a 30 min race with it squeaking and could hear it getting louder with a few laps left.

      I’ve seen chain oilers on karts before and have been thinking about getting one more now as a redundant backup, or getting a bit of power back by running an oiler and standard chain. Thing is I can’t find a chain oiler anywhere… I’ve see ones with LAD stickers on them and checked the site, also checked FastTech, Comet, Acceleration, SharkShifter, BMI… Does anyone know where to purchase one from?

      What are your thoughts on running a chain oiler with a standard chain vs a power robbing O-ring chain with standard chain lube?

      Tony Kart / Leopard

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      Taylor Young

      I ran o-ring chains on a tag kart for years and didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. I’ve even run them on 4 cycle karts for enduro events and run fast times. So I don’t think it would rob too much power from the engine.

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