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    Caleb Gilbert

    I’ve looked around for information regarding the use of adding a thermostat with TAG engines; when it’s appropriate, when isn’t it, etc and there wasn’t a whole lot I found about the subject. I live in a fairly warm area, a cold karting day in the winter will probably be around 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit. In these kind of temperatures am I just wasting my time evening worry about a thermostat as long as I do a sensible warm up on the stand for the first couple laps?

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    William Martin

    I don’t know, depends on what kind of lap time you can get on the stand…but I doubt it will work, those little wheels aren’t very grippy :-)


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    Caleb Gilbert

    Haha, not my best job of putting that last sentence together. Those little stand wheels are probably about as grippy as cold tires at least for the first turn or two though.

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    Kelly Read

    We run road racing which I wouldn’t think that would make a difference if you run sprint. I pulled the thermostat out of ours (07 Leopard). Got tired of it sticking. When it’s cool (under 50 degrees) I put tape on the radiator and adjust water temp from there. We run between 135 – 150 on water temp but also run exhaust temp. We run ours before we go out for practice and before called to the grid on the stand until hitting 90 degrees.


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