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      Joshua West

      A little background, I went to my first SCCA Solo Nationals last year. I assisted in helping bring the event to those who could not through Solomatters on facebook. Some of those crazy, and possibly sideways, pictures were likely posted by me. Since then, I wanted to continue bringing the events to those who could not attend events.

      As some of you have seen, Solomatters now has a web site. As a member of the National Solo Communications team, one of the things I have been asked to do is help distribute SoloMatters content. To do this, I am starting this tread where I will post news items.

      If you haven’t seen it yet, the launch of the new site, check it out at http://www.SoloMatters.com

      If you have story ideas or suggestions, please contact me or SoloMatters@SCCA.com, and enjoy the new medium we can bring information to you.



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