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    Kevin Reguera

    I’m looking at a Trackmagic shifter with a CR 80 motor.

    My questions are…what is the good, the bad and the ugly with these karts?

    Are they out of business?

    Can I get parts for them?

    Can I throw an animal engine on it?

    They seem like they are all cheap…why?

    Thanks for any heads up with these karts.

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    David Cole

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes. Trackmagic is no longer in business. However, I am sure there can be parts found that work with the chassis, both manufactured by Trackmagic previously or other brands that fit. Since you are in NorCal, contact Greg Bell at Leading Edge Motorsports if you have any questions on the chassis if you do buy it. He was a longtime Trackmagic dealer.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Ray Chiappe

    I would say to stay away from a Track Magic. I found it to be very hard to find parts. If you have to have one you need to buy two or three of them! For parts!

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    Kevin Reguera

    Thanks guys for the heads up!  I’ve discovered that sure enough…they are out of business and parts may be hard to find and are not even available to buy new Trackmagic parts.

    I think the “Good” is: You can find them for dirt cheap.

    The “Bad” is: They’re out of business.

    And the Ugly is: No new parts available so they’re value is vary low.

    Basically, after hearing that I’d only pay a few bucks more than what the motor and accessories on it are worth on a Trackmagic.

    Thanks again to Greg Bell at Leading Edge Motorsports for giving me a heads up and to David Cole for advising me to get in touch with Greg.

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