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      James Frantz

      Thank you Dave Klaus and Charlie Sox for subsidising the purchase of the LO 206 tech tools.




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      Bernie Lacotta

      Since the announcement of the Briggs Weekly Racing Series I have seen a tremendous increase in LO206 interest for a Senior class and as a result the Phoenix Kart Racing Assoc. (PKRA) will begin racing a Sr. LO206 class in May at our club races in conjunction with the Briggs Series. This will make a great addition to our growing 4 cycle classes, LO206 Cadet, and World Formula Medium and Masters. These classes make up the largest percentage of racers at our track with the WF classes fielding over 20 karts on average with a high count of 32 at last years Surfers Classic.

      THANKS BRIGGS !!!!!

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      Brian Carlson

      Yes, this is a GREAT deal for tracks, tech men, and racers alike.

      Remember, for the LO206 program to be successful, it still needs to be teched!
      Briggs and Sox have given us exactly what we need to enforce the rules in the tech barn.


      Thanks indeed!

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