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      Steve Baker

      On behalf of WKA we would like to thank all the racers, sponsors and supporters of the 2013 Gold Cup Briggs Animal Pro Gas classes. The new 2013 Briggs Animal Pro Gas classes have exceeded all expectations for racer participations and support. Also thanks to the suppliers and engine builders who supported these new classes and racers. Below is a list of participating engine builders and all the racers who at least raced some or all the Gold Cup National races. These classes have been embraced by racers, sponsors and promoters alike realizing the advantages and potential future of these classes.

      Thanks Engine Builders

      Turner Racing Engines
      GT Machine
      Roberts Kart Shop
      Kart City Performance
      Moon Power
      L & J Karting Engines
      Competition Karting Inc – CKI
      Baker Racing Engines
      Michigan Kart Supply

      Thanks Sponsors

      Briggs & Stratton
      Coyote Products
      Margay Racing
      Razor Chassis / Roberts Kart Shop
      Kart City Performance
      Baker Racing Engines
      American Power Sports
      Dyno Cams
      ARC Racing
      Target Distributing
      Michigan Kart Supply
      Jammer Clutches
      Tomar Clutches
      SMC Clutches
      Bully Clutches
      MGM Chassis – misc parts
      R2C Performance Products – Misc air filters

      Thanks Racers

      Dylan Murry
      Matthew Miller
      Zach Wells
      David Kalb Jr.
      Nick Fauci
      Jason Alder
      Cody Hall
      Alex Vrabel
      Joshua Stark
      Camden Gruber
      TJ Vargo
      Cole Hicks
      Nick Torres
      Mark Steube
      Cale Hall
      Zach Turner
      Evan Bovee
      Tanner Carter
      Tanner Lee
      Tyler Woods
      Dustin Demattia
      Cameron Vargo
      Joey Pendergrass
      Cason Konzer
      Haley Kummer
      David Lawrence
      Dylan Zobkiw
      Jeffrey Beatty
      Michael Fauci
      Josh Stiefel
      Gary Lawson
      Chris Osgood
      Patrick O’Neal
      Matt Horst
      Michael Prokup Jr.
      Dakota Bell
      Michael Greiner
      Sean Meier
      Jason Zobkiw
      Kyle Prokup
      Cal Stewart
      Zack Clark
      David Barry
      Jim Lipari
      Steven Kilsdonk
      Mike Burton
      Matthew Kessinger
      Tyler Sandmeyer
      Peter Ilacqua
      Dicky Wilson
      Mike Chapman
      Rober Hoskinson
      Ryan Bennett
      Cayla Chapman
      Corey Towles
      Chris Wells
      Jacob Heavlow
      Joey Kuley
      Bradley Farmer
      Tyler Bell
      Kaytlyn Fauci
      Todd Horton
      Tim Stiefel
      Steve Roberts
      Travis Manning
      Rob Smith
      Bob Seidel

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