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      Joe Ricard

      Last year I bought an Arrow AX-8 with a Rotax Sr. on it.   this is a 30MM chassis and 40mm axle, 17mm spindle mount front rims.   I was a beginner and this chassis has probably served me well as I had had several off’s.   Now that I can nearly run with the mid pack drivers I think I might be ready for a newer chassis.

      Local track carries CRG so I need to stay with this for support.   What is the right chassis for me.   If I were able to, I would plunk down the money for a new pimpin,  But DANG!!!!!!   Plus I already have a nice running  Rotax Sr.  motor. 


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      TJ Koyen

      Your local track shop would probably be best at directing you towards a specific CRG model for your needs.

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      Ray Lovestead

      DO IT!

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      Joe Ricard

      I agree TJ,  but I always give the “Internet” a chance to wiegh in.  If I am going to drop a big chunk of money on a newish roller I only want to do it once.

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      Brian Degulis

      Get a DR from TS racing. It’s identical bolt for bolt to CRG and around $1800 less. CRG parts tuning etc. all the same.


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      Joe Ricard

      Sometimes I like the research and studying of things more than the purchase.   Heck it took me 4 weeks of shopping to to buy a Bokken for Aikido.  It’s just a wood sword right?

      Thanks Brian exactly the thing I am looking for.


      Will DR be at the world finals?  I got 2 tickets to spectate


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