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    Bob Spedding

    ok, so I am new to this but one thing I am struggling with is getting the tire off the rim.  I know there are devices for this and someday I may purchase one but just getting into this and cant really afford it right now.  I’ve seen videos where people just push the tire on the rim and I’ve tried that but just can’t get it.  Any other options or is there a better method?  Thanks guys!

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    David Cole

    Here is a more affordable tool : http://cometkartsales.com/Tire-Pryr-Kit-for-5-inch-Wheels.html

    Otherwise, it’s all hard labor. Some use screwdrivers, others can just do it by hand.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Ted Hamilton

    Helps if you “fold” the tire into an oval and slide the rim into the wide part.  Also, some rims have a taller inside than outside (or maybe it’s the other way around…)  so install with the smaller diameter, but making sure you’re orienting the tire correctly.  5″ tires can be done by hand.  6″ tires, not so much.

    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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    tony zambos
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    Matt Dixon

    Just call Wes



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    Curtis Cooksey

    The Turbo Tire changer is the best tool I have seen, and I have seen and used many over the years. http://www.accelerationkarting.com/tiretools.aspx

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    Ray Chiappe

    This is how I get the tire off! Add a little Simple Green to reduce drag and pull on the bar.Tire Removal


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    Ray Chiappe

    A little soapy water would prob. work better!

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    Kirt Burcroff

    I like this tool. My noodle arms can’t do that manual mounting work.


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    Gary Smith

    I like to get the tires warm before removing or installing them, makes it much easier. I usually set them in the sun for 30 minutes or so. Use soapy water to lube the beads when you remove the tire. If you have bead locks, make sure you back them off far enough to clear the bead.


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    Paul Lepper

    I just did 4 rain tires off and put new MG reds on. This was my first time. I bought a Harbor Freight bead breaker and it worked perfectly. It took about 5 minutes to get the first tire off and then I watched every YouTube video again and did the other 3 in less than 5 minutes total. Mounting went even better. Here’s a big hint, brute strength WILL NOT make it happen! Be patient and think it through.

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    Dave Holstein

    You’ll notice that different rim makes will effect how easy or hard it will be.

    Douglas mags are easier than Douglas spun for instance

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