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      Samir Shah

      Hi. I was not sure which forum to put this question on. Maybe it belongs in the race series forum?

      Anyway, I have a 10T front sprocket on my son’s Leopard Jr. What rear gear sprocket would people recommend for this track and configuration.

      The track is the Liberator track at NJ Motorsports Park – upcoming race this week. <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Here is the track layout: </span>


      I saw a comment on Facebook for Senior TAG as 10-72/73. Someone else told me to use the same gearing as E-town, (So far, we use 10-79 or 10-80). And someone else told me that the same gearing is used for Juniors and Seniors. So I am very confused.

      I will need to order some lower # tooth gears ASAP if we need 72-73.


      Thanks, Samir.

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