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    Kelly Read

    Need a little help PLZ!!!!!

    I’m looking for some particular rules for this class. I have looked at Tagracing.net but can’t seem to find what I’m after along with questioning what I do read. I even e-mailed them with the questions but as of today, still no response.

    This is for road racing. I am mainly looking for what restrictors are to be used for each motor. Here is what I found:

    Leopard: 1A-A-125366/25mm opening exhaust header restrictor. Weight – 320#.

    PRD Fireball: 30.0mm inside diameter (RLV). Weight – 320#

    Rotax Max FR125: ??????. Weight – 320#

    X30: 31.0mm inner diameter (Iame Jr header pipe). Weight – 330# Iv’e been told that others are running a 29.0mm header.


    1) If what I have is correct, Why would the X30 have a larger Dia. header then the Leopard??

    2) If not, PLZ steer me in the right direction. This is a new class that we have this year & there is confusion and I can’t get the answers.





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    Kelly Read

    Found what I needed!!!

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