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    Chris Acker

    I am wanting to run the Tag class this year I am 15 years old, can someone recommend which motor they see as the best choice. Please indicate reason why and difficulty in tuning. I have heard the Rotax is difficult to tune but have never used one personally. I am also looking  at hours on the motors top and bottom and and rebuild costs. I would love to hear from people with their different experiences.

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    patrick j slattery

    Leopard is like a Yamaha, in that there are plenty and there is usually a class for it.  You should determine what classes there are for TAG where you will be racing at first.



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    Tim Koyen

    I agree with Pat.  Also keep in mind that all Tag engines are expensive to maintain.  The 2 most common are Rotax and Leopard.  Rotax has programs all over the country and the world, but the costs can be very high to participate in some of those events, and the rules are quite stringent.  As a Tag engine, it is a fine engine, but it does take a little more to learn the finer points of tuning the carb, as you need to change jets vs. simply tweaking a needle setting.  The Leopard is also a good engine for Tag, and is quite popular and fairly easy to tune.  There is plenty of maintenance to be done to that engine as well though, particularly with the clutch.

    Those are the 2 most popular packages around the country right now.  There are others with regional popularity that could be candidates for you as well.  Like Pat mentioned, figure out where you want to race first, then pick the engine package.

    Best of luck!

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