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      Ken Marcotte

      Hello everyone, looking at setting up a kart package for the 2015 season.  I haven’t been competetive in a kart for quite sometime but am coming from roadracing motorcycles and doing some events with NASA.  I’ve found that I want to get into the TAG class, most likely with a Leopard or ROK TT engine package.  I am on the taller side of fitting into a standard chassis and weigh 215 lbs.  Planning on running at the club level.

      I have narrowed down my chassis availability locally to the Kosmic Mercury or Haase Mistral.  Both chassis are priced the same and 2014 models.  The Haase has slightly less time on it but both have been maintained, the Hasse is honestly almost new.

      Does the Kosmic have slightly better components or build quality than the Haase?  Will either one offer an easier set up for a taler driver?  Would an intermediate driver even notice that one might drive better than the other?

      Thanks for the advice!

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      Tim Koyen


      You’ll probably get about 100 people to come on here and tell you to go with the Kosmic, since its an OTK product and without a doubt the hottest chassis make right now, BUT the Haase kart can be fast too.  Who is around to support the brand in your area is probably more important to you.  If there is a Haase or Kosmic dealer that is friendly and willing to help you get it dialed in and get you access to parts at a fair price, then that should play a key role in your decision.

      Best of luck!

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      Ken Marcotte


      Thank you for the reply.  The shop that has the 2 chassis I’m interested in does not routinely stock the Haase chassis but happens to have this barely used Mistral available at the moment.   They are primarily an OTK dealer but I have a good feeling they would stand by and help support the Haase if I need help or parts.  They just might take other processes to get parts if I need them or don’t have a part specific to the Vase.  I don’t have a problem buying the Haase just because the Kosmic is more popular.  I’m just wondering if either one might have an advantge over the other. Just like anything I’m sure they both have their positives and negatives.  Possibly one or the other might suit a taller driver better than the other?

      I’ve decided to buy local and support my local shop for the obvious reasons.  They will be more likely to provide some track support knowing I purchased from them.  Honestly I’m glad I found them and made a trip to visit with them.  There are some nice looking new and used packages accross the country online but nothing beats buying local and having the knowledge they can provide.

      With me behind the wheel I’m not sure either one would be better than the other or I would notice any difference in performance.  I guess thats what I’m looking to figure out from those who have competed with both.

      Its tough for a new person getting into this hobby / sport to decipher all the information and opinions and separate the good information from the bad.

      Thanks for the help!





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      We’ve had many different karts through the years, from cadet karts, to KT100’s, to clones, shifters, etc, All manufacturers, you name it.
      I love Hasse, CRG, Arrow, Birel, Top Kart, etc. ( they all are great chassis )

      But I recently put my Son on an OTK Formula Alonso (Fernando Alonso ) Same as Tony Kart, and Kosmic, just different color.

      And he absolutely love it! I gave him the option to go back to Top Karts with a brand new chassis, and he said he won’t go back, as it is totally different feel.
      Some of the top Tony kart drivers prefer OTK products because of the finess style of driving, and does not require of too much effort and fighting at the steering, when set up and tuned properly.

      I’m warning you though, keep it away from crashes and pile ups, as they are extremely soft, and bend easily, when everything else seems to endure heavy wrecks, but OTK karts weren’t designed for wrecks, they were designed to be extremely flexible and tenable, and win races.

      Anyhow, the way I look at it, You can either use a screwdriver or a power tool to do the job. One kart will make you work harder than the other to get the same result.

      Good luck on your decision, and welcome to the family.

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      Ken Marcotte

      Freddy, thank you for taking the time to reply, i really appreciate you sharing your first hand experience with the OTK product line.

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      Robby Mott

      Hello Ken,  I have been running a CorsaKart CH14 – made by Haase for about 4 or 5 years now.  I am 6’2″ and about 215 pounds.  Of course I am using a Ribtect carbon fiber seat……and this chassis is always FAST.  I have won races with this chassis at the Florida Winter Tour in Rotax Masters on Mojo tires…….and have won races in SKUSA with a Rok tt and MG tires.  Great chassis for heavier drivers!!

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      I forgot to mention, we’ve had Hasse chassis in the part, and yes, they are very good chassis also
      And back in the day, if I’m not mistaken they were built by Tony Kart, or at least by the Tony Kart importer? Or so I was told by a lady Kart Shop Owner in Orange co. CA.

      And of course, all the components I had on My Hasse, such as Brake master cylinders, spindles, torsion bars, hubs, all looked exactly the same as Tony Kart

      So, that would be another thing to consider.

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      Ken Marcotte

      Thank you guys for all the advice. In the big scheme of things I probably cant go wrong with either chassis. I suppose its what ever i get used to driving and turning laps on.

      I find myself leaning more towards the Kosmic, just becsuse thats what my local shop deals with on a more regular basis.

      Thanks again! I appreciates everyones input.

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