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      Dan Brown

      I need to purchase 3 or 4 new Tag Batteries for my son and I. We run Leopards at the club and Regional level. Any suggestions for a good quality reasonable priced TaG battery? Most of the SLA 12v 7.5-9ah batteries look identical, and most aren’t a recognizable brand name like Exide or Interstate. Yet prices range from $15 to $75 each. I am sure buying Shorai will get better results, but are there decent tag batteries available at a reasonable price? Thanks in advance.


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      Craig Drabik

      I bought one of these cheapies probably three seasons ago, and it’s still going strong.  It probably doesn’t last as long on a charge, but I usually get a day at the track out of it.


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      Dan Brown

      I bought 3 cheapies off Ebay over the winter. They just dont seem to last very long at the track, 5 or 6 starts is all they are good for. I was wondering if the more expensive ones last longer. I guess for the price I could have half a dozen of these charged in the trailer and just swap them after a few starts.


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      Jim Derrig

      If class rules allow it, use a Lithium Ion battery off of e-bay.  Weights about 1 pound and seems to last as long and start as well as a standard bat.  Cost about $80.  Recharges ultra fast.  Should last forever.  Been using one for 2 years on an X-125t with no issues.

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      tony zambos

      I never had much luck with the cheep batteries. They are fine as a backup battery in an emergency exit sign but not built for the abuse of a race track. Took most back to the store the first day after they were used at as track. Purchase batteries designed to run TAG. Recommend the 9ah over the 7.2.

      A +1 to Jim’s suggestion to go with the Lithium

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      Tim Koyen

      I’ve run the Power Patrol 9ah (Interstate Brand) on a Leopard for 1/2 a season.  I thought it did fine.  Its true that they aren’t designed for the abuse of a kart, but they’re cheap enough at my dealer cost that I didn’t mind.  Batteries that are designed for ATVs or Motorcycles will last longer, for sure.

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