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    Anthony Upjohn

    I am looking to get back into the sport (raced TAG years ago).  I think I might go the 4-cycle route this time.  I am considering buying both a LO206 engine and a World Formula engine.  How difficult would it be to use the same chassis and switch the engines out depending on what class I want to race in?  Do they use the same engine mount, chain, sprocket, sprocket hub location on axle, throttle cable, fuel, etc?

    I realize the WF is faster, would the chassis setup be significantly different (hubs, axle size, etc)?

    For what it is worth, I am considering buying a Righetti Ridolfi Extreme or Margay Ignite or Margay Brava 4.11 or Margay Brava 4.2c chassis.

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    David Cole

    Same motor mount.

    Chain depends on clutch. Some use 219 some use 35. You could use the same no problem, just decide which one.

    I haven’t tried to line up the WF and the LO206 regarding the sprocket hub, but it is not that difficult to slide it over on the axle, if needed. Depends on the motor mount and location of engine as well.

    Throttle cable is the same setup, fuel depends on the rules.

    I don’t really see any difference from putting the LO206 and WF on the same chassis.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Jon Romenesko

    Isn’t the LO206 fundamentally the same engine (block) as the WF?  As I understand it, it’s mostly the ruleset (and a few parts, notably the Ignition) that makes the WF faster.


    I would imagine that you could swap them out with virtually no changes, provided you had the same motor mount & clutches.  FWIW, the LO206 is by far the easiest engine to remove that i’ve ever had.

    S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto - SKUSA Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge


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