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      Tim Landon

      There are 5 long course race tracks in Florida.  Sure would be nice if there was a regional series that ran those tracks.  Daytona, West Palm Int’l, Jennings GP, Sebring and Homestead.  What a shame.  I know it will never happen for all the screwed up reasons.  But sure would be nice.  Have not even run my new enduro yet and already having thoughts of getting a lo206 sprinter for all the obvious reasons.

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      Mike Peters

      Jennings is a motorcycle only track. They will not rent to Kart racers. Track owner policy


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      Ben Cooper

      I agree. Might as well pop up to Roebling Road and AMP. I’m from the U.K. Where there is a very strong Superkart Championship and it’s dissapointing there’s nothing like it here. I’d love to the chance to race a 250 Superkart here.

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      Larry Dobbs

      We are spoiled here on the left coast!  Sure would be better though, if more of the East coast karters could make it to our Laguna Seca 2 day race March 25-26.  We have over 250 entries so far and many national caliber pilots are already committed to coming.  Hope you can make it?!

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