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    andy graham

    been looking at these tag engines…they look impressive, anyone have experience with them?  I know they are fairly new to the US market.

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    Mike Myers

    Run Super Rok in the Rok Cup in Florida. They are good motor and faster than Leopard

    I think they are a better package than Leopard.


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    Peter Zambos

    Be aware that they are typically not run in TaG classes.  As far as I know, this motor is not approved by WKA, IKF, SKUSA or TAG USA.  As a result, you may find limited opportunity to run it.

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    Gabriel Urrutia

    Fall Winter  2014 Ocala Gran Prix  opened  Rok Classes for all ages so new Rokker owners could go race but its not a TAG approved engine yet . We  join same race together (Rotax/TAG/ROK) but different classes. Rok Master Weight Limit  Rok Cup Usa: 380Lbs  , Rok Master @ OGP :   405lbs

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    andy graham

    thanks for the info….we’ll try and make the december 13th race.


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