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      nigel cooper

      I have been allowed to use a parking lot for fun driving if I can reduce the noise from my honda shifter kart.I have your typical RLV muffler on it right now for track use.Is there another muffler out there than i can swap out or even build for the kart? Free driving time on a nice lot is worth it for me.Thanks

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      Honestly it’s nearly impossible to quiet down a 2 stroke engine all the way, but there are a few aftermarket silencers you can buy that enables you to install more packing inside of them.

      Another thing to consider is: If you’re running a K&N filter, then remove it and install an air box ( this will quiet it down a bit)

      I understand that free is good, but I highly recommend a race track, that way you can have more fun, and open it up as much as you want to.

      Of course if you have a track near you, but that’s just my 2 cents. Good luck and have fun, while keeping it safe. Fast Freddy.

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      Jim White

      You can get down to around 89-90 db with a 14 or 16 inch silencer. They are out there because guys have shown up at Laguna with them.

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      John Kwong

      The Motard bike club that uses our track has had to quieten their bike exhausts and has used sections of inner tube hose clamped on the end of the exhaust silencer to break up the sound wave.  They have it extended about 6 to 8 inches off the end.  Not pretty but cheap and effective.

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      nigel cooper

      Thanks guys for the comments,The inner tube idea sounds interesting and easy to try.I have already started building my own muffler.Its 32″ long,3″ diameter running along the rear end from a silicon tube from the end of the piping with a large 90 degree bend before it enters my muffler.basically just copying the RLV muffler-just making it longer.Will try the”honk tube” on the end though just to see what happens.

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