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      David Flori

      Can sag be successfully pulled out of a chassis?

      It it worth doing?

      How much sag is too much?

      Any good techniques to properly repair?

      And good reference points to use when pushing it back?

      TIA !

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      Matt Dixon



      A lot

      Table is best with gauge… Or 4×4 under middle of chassis, 2 friends on rear wheels and you jumping on nose check with tape.

      Check with dealer for correct measurement


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      David Flori

      How much is enough to worry about?

      How close is close enough when putting it back?

      My idea was to pin the front and back and use my hydraulic tools to push up around the center?

      Where does the chassis typically bend?

      Mine looks like most of it is in the waist, is that typical?

      Is there a typical adhered to measurement for a CRG RR that anyone knows from experience?

      Checked my fairly new chassis, and that one looks fairly good, but I would love to have a idea where it is supposed to be.

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      David Flori

      I really want to give this a try, I am sure I will be just fine, but would love some experienced advice before I proceed if possible !?!

      Anything to avoid doing incorrectly?

      Is there any advantage to restraining the center and push down on either end, or better to pin each side and push up in the middle?

      I may have access to a kart table locally, but need to talk to the owner and ask for assistance.

      Would it be acceptable to handle it myself, or is it advisable to do the extra work and put it on a table assuming I am able to work something out?

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