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      Jim Howe

      Purchased my first AMB transponder for the team just back in March and have charged it throughout the season. Now that the season is over, is there any special way to store it for the winter?

      I know you can put it in the charging cradle and it goes into hibernation mode. But the battery will drains eventually. Is that okay?

      Looking for guidelines everybody….


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      tony zambos

      Jim, charge it once a month during the off season. Take it out of the charger as soon as you can after it charges. Mine has lasted over ten years that way without a problem.

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      Tim Koyen

      I’m with Tony.  I usually leave on the counter in the shop for the winter and toss it into the charger every month or so.  I’ve had mine for many years as well.

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      Rob Kozakowski

      I wouldn’t necessarily “recommend” this, but one option is to do nothing with it.  I’ve had my transponder since 1998, had it stored in the garage (in Edmonton, Alberta where it gets COLD in the winter) for 10 years when I got out of karting, pulled it out of storage and it’s worked the last 3 years as if it was new.

      Honestly, I think it might be more luck of the draw than anything as to why one transponder lasts and another doesn’t.

      The one thing I’ve always done is to let it run completely out of charge before re-charging it.

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