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    josh martin

    My 2014 Praga Tacho stock moto shifter kart and the cheap utility trailer it was on were stolen from in front of my shop in Tulsa, OK this morning. Skusa S3 number panels 49o. The kart was heavily used (lots of scrapes on the bottom of the chassis) but in pretty good overall shape. Sharkshifter 99 cylinder that has the words “bat sh*t” on it in sharpie, R4 pipe with welds on both sides where is had previously cracked, mychron 4 with e-box. Will post the chassis number when I dig it out of my records. IF you have any information please call (918) 951-1726. This cannot have been stolen by anyone who knows local karting, because the community is way too small.

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    josh martin

    Stunningly, kart recovered today. Rusty and filthy but complete other than mychron. Sold through local flea market. Gonna start with the scotchbrite and wd40 tomorrow.

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    Awesome that you got it back!!!!!!!

    Sucks that got stolen, and got it back rusty and dirty and no Mychron

    But happy ending, I hate thieves, liyers and cheaters

    Anyhow, glad you got it back, Mate.

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