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      Kris Verock

      My 1st post on this site is a sad one.  Please see below and if anyone has any info, please contact me. 

      My race kart was stolen 9/6 from the hov lane side of 85south downtown near Auburn Ave/ MLK exit in downtown atlanta; while I drove to buy a new trailer tire because I got a flat.

      (Yes, I know I should have had a spare, but I just bought the trailer on Tuesday and there were no 8″ tires in stock at Harbor freight when I went)

      Wasn’t even gone for more than 1.5hours.They were nice enough to leave the trailer because it was missing a wheel.


      Just finished putting the kart together friday night, and was headed to the track for the 1st time on Sat.  morning.Never even got to race it.


      Extreme long shot, but of anyone see’s it posted on craigslist or any kart forums, please let me know. My number is 404-272-1778 or kjverock@hotmail.com


      Its a 1998 Margay Brava 1 chassis number: B80298

      Has an ‘ARC’ clone engine w/ all sorts of ARC goodies on it.

      New rear 8.25″  vented and cross-drilled rotor (very specific to chassis)

      Master Cyl and brake duel piston caliper are purple

      Mychron 3 Computer

      new black abs plastic seat

      Vented Douglas front wheels

      No rear wheels attached.

      Appropriately, ‘lucky’ #13



      Most recent pic: from this morning before I left the house. This is exactly how it looked when stolen.


      this is where it was stolen from.  Note the road signed in background.


      Pics from before it was done. Had my backup motor on it, and a different seat, but same idea







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      First of all I just wanna say how sympathetic I am of you, I know the feeling when a piece of low life does that to hard working person, I am very familiar with that bad experience.

      I will keep my eyes open for it.
      What city or town is this? I can look as far as California and Nevada. You never know.

      Once again, Sorry to hear the bad news, buddy.

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