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    Valentin Yakimenko

    Hi guys! New here but not really new to shifters

    .want to start with a little complain about site not being very friendly with my smartohone and I cannot see half of the text im typing. Hopefully yall can read it.

    I’m located in south Carolina. Last year I had two karts, and I would let my friend race one and I would race another at local track CMP in kershaw. But the upkeep for both stock moto got a little heavy got my pocket and plus we jad a new addition to our family I had to get rid of one of the karts. Any ways…long story short . This year there haven’t been any shifters at that track according to the results posted on website. And next closest trak is MMX. Any of you guys know if shifters are regular there for club races? And what is usual count? Enough stock motos there to make their own class? Really wish that eastcoast would pickup on shifters and get off the dirt.

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    Todd Kageals

    I have run my stock Honda shifter at MMX several times.  Great place.  Stock Honda has its own class but they run with another group of 125s.  The two I ran in the spring have had between 3 and 5 shifters…..maybe 10 others in the run group.  I’ve seen results from other races there (they race once a month) and there has been as few as 1 stock Honda in the class.  LOTS of karts down there but not many shifters.  You should come up here and road race with us at VIR and Summit Point.  If interested, get in contact with the guys at Woodbridge Kart Club.  I have run with them twice this season and the road racing is awesome.  Next race is September 6, 7, 8 at Summit Point.  I’ll probably get back down to MMX at some point so maybe I’ll see you around.


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    Valentin Yakimenko

    Thanx Todd for response! Yeah I just came back from mmx , they had their monthly gopro racing.  No shifters at all. Ill have to look into the tracks you are talking about. I hate to sell my shifter but it may look that way in future…

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    Ted Hamilton

    I have a YZ125 I’m assembling that I plan to run at MMX…

    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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    Valentin Yakimenko

    Ted when do you think you will b ready?

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