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    Dennis DeYoung

    I got a 2001 cr125 prepared by swedetech. It starts to bog at low rpm when I go full throttle but once the kick comes in it doesnt bog no more. Other then the bogging it sometimes jerk back and forth when I go full throttle too. The lowest gear I can go without bogging on the track is 1st gear. other than first gear it will bog. Any fix to this? jet setting? carb? float?

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    Matt Martin

    from: http://www.swedetechracing.com/techinfo/?cid=62373

    Standard Size – NGK BR10EG or R7376-10
    Shorty Style – NGK R7282-10
    Must use the NGK TRS1225 Plug cap with short style plugs
    ** You must use a resistor type spark plug **
    Spark Plug Gap – 0.024” – 0.028”

    The Stock Moto Engine for karting application will not run properly run on pump fuel. SwedeTech recommends the use of VP Racing Fuel’s C12 product.
    Keihin 38mm PWM – recommended by SwedeTech
    Jetting range is based on Sprint Kart setup using the SwedeTech GFS system and a 2001 cylinder combo.

    170-190 main ( center of the carb, 6mm hex )
    Main jet supplies fuel from ½ throttle to full throttle
    58-65 pilot ( next to main jet, use 5mm flat screwdriver to remove )
    Pilot jet supplies fuel from 0 – ¼ throttle
    DGH needle – 3rd from top. Experiment with 4th & 2nd clip from top.
    Needle regulates fuel from 1/8 throttle to ¾ throttle
    Air Screw ( side of carburetor body, above fuel inlet ) – 1 Turn
    Keihin 2001 CR125 Jet Kits
    * For new engines purchased directly from SwedeTech and engines maintained by SwedeTech, we offer a jet chart to help customers tune their engine for optimum performance.

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    Dennis DeYoung

    I followed exactly the same set up but it still bog tho

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    Matt Martin

    what’s the condition of the reeds?

    what does the plug look like?

    what fuel are you running?

    what gearing?

    how many hours on the motor since the last rebuild?

    what type of fuel system are you running (pump-around?)

    is the spark-plug wire new?

    any cracks in fuel lines?

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