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    Scott Sinclair

    Hello. I am bran new to stock moto racing. I have a 99 swedetech cr125 and am having an issue with my clutch. When the clutch lever is squeezed completely all the way , the push rod barely contacts the pressure plate and the clutch will not disengage and be allowed to slip. Everything looks correct inside where the clutch is located.  Thx for your help:)



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    Matt Martin

    how tight is the cable when the clutch lever is all the way out?

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    Brad Alan

    I agree, first check the “slop” in the cable when the cluch is not engaged.  If there’s a lot, then tighten it up and see if that fixes things.  There should be a little “slop” but not excessive.

    If that’s not the case then…

    When the engine is running and everything is warmed up, in gear, and pull the clutch can you apply the break and does the engine keep running?  If so, all is fine, if not, you have a problem.

    If the engine is cold and you pull the clutch, it might not seem like it’s disengaging… With the transmission fluid and the number of disk/pressure plates, it might not feel like it’s working, so it’s best to try as I mentioned above.

    Good luck

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    Brad Alan

    or… If you have taken the clutch apart and put it back together, there’s a small steel ball that goes between the push rod and “hat” that releases the pressure on the clutch plates (when you engage the clutch).  If that steel ball got lost during the tear down (and not installed during the assembly), that’ll cause the issue you are describing.

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