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    John Lafakis

    I’m rebuilding a CR125 for stock moto and I believe it has the Mikuni 36mm carb on it (it says Mikuni and ‘TM’ on the side).

    My question is, should I rebuild and run this carb or get something else?  Is this the only carb I can use in stock moto?  I ask because I have read that these are hard to tune (Don’t know if that’s true though).  I will buy a full jet kit for this carb if it will help with tuning.

    Ty ty for any help

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    Keith Bridgeman

    Your 36mm carb I would guess is a Keihin PJ?   You want the Keihin PWK or PWM, 38mm


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    John Lafakis

    Are those legal for stock moto?  Which of them is more preferred?

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    John Lafakis

    Also I picked up the Swedetech  actuator and kick start plugs; do I remove the rubber oil seals before install them so they will mount flush, or do I install them on top of the rubber oil seals?

    thank you

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    Jimmy McNeil

    Both PWK and PWM are legal in stock moto. The PWM has a little more top end.

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