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      Jordon Musser

      Does anybody know the reason behind the Skusa 98 octane rule?  Sure would be nice if they would up the octane to prevent engine damage.

      Most engine slow down when you start detonating, as much national (and top regional guys) have found out stock hondas  run best when detonating slightly.. mainly because they are not really “too lean” yet, but they are just starting to detonate.

      This destroys pistons, heads, cylinders etc.  It seems to me it is a no brainer to go with a much higher octane fuel.. and if people go slightly lean, it slows down.. doesnt necessarily break parts (with in reason..)

      Since SKUSA doesnt allow the repair of the cylinder with a detonation ring, it really can get expensive.

      Thoughts? Maybe less timing?

      and dont say “learn to tune your motor”.. because you tune for maximum performance, and if the thing runs best slowly breaking parts.. ya gotta do what you gotta do.

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      Charles Skowron


      Didn’t SKUSA implement a timing plate a few years back, to put a halt on this detonation stuff from occurring?

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      Jordon Musser


      Doesnt reduce timing per-say, just keeps everybody equal.

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      Christiaan Bouhuys

      I agree the best solution by far of fixing the ’01 issues is changing the fuel. Here on the east coast fuel is open and we have been running C12 instead of MS98 on the (SKUSA-spec) stock honda package and it does solve all the issues with detonation on the ’01 cylinder.

      And I cannot think of any downside to changing the fuel spec from MS98 to C12 other than people (or SKUSA) being stuck with existing inventory of MS 98. So maybe the spec fuel for S-5 can remain MS98 (I don’t think they have the level of detonation issues the other classes have).

      I agree with Stephen that we should start a petition and get this over to SKUSA. Surely they must listen if enough (top-level) drivers get behind this…

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      Juan David Gomez

      Seems prayers have been answered. I’m surprised no one has said anything here.

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      Jordon Musser

      We have all been out buying leaner jets :)

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      Juan David Gomez

      hahaha, while I’ve been out getting a 99. doh!

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      Stephen Lamana


      I agree 100%. As John at SRS has proven many times C12 doesn’t add any HP, the added lubrication of the lead in the gas almost eliminates detonation entirely. Would be nice to have the higher octane fuel, I’m okay with the added cost per gallon more since it will save me from buying a cylinder every couple races. Part of me is thinking about switching back to the 99 cylinder just because I am sick of it.


      Another option for the 01 cylinder might be running the 01 ignition box. The 99 ignition box we run has the wrong timing required for the 01 cylinder. I ran a 01 ignition box in testing with C12 and gained 3 tenths over the 99 ignition and ZERO detonation. (according to my detonation counter)


      If skusa doesn’t allow us to run higher octane or switch ignitions maybe allow everyone to get a Detonation ring as you stated. The top 3 drivers have the engines pulled down anyway so any cheating that goes on should be picked up right away.


      In my opinion we should work on getting a petition together to push the higher octane fuel through. Im sure 99% of the stock honda drivers would sign it.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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