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      Aaron Smeenk

      So I was at the track yesterday and was having an issue where I just felt like the front end wasn’t hooking up at all. If I wasn’t steering with the throttle I was just understeering hard. I know my front tires are old and MG reds, I just put new MG yellows on the back. Im going to get new tires for the front before I hit the track again, but I was wondering how normal driving like this is. I feel like if I could get the front end to stick just a little bit entering corners I could enter a lot faster.

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      Ray Lovestead

      I think you answered your own question.  You need both fronts and rears to have the same level of grip in order for the kart to function properly.  Steering by using snap-oversteer and using the throttle modulation on the way out is slow and sloppy.

      If anything you want to rotate the kart on the way into the turn by modulating the brakes (trail brake) and then gradually introduce the throttle.  You can ‘fix’ the understeer problem by over-slowing into the corner to get the front to hook up.  But you’ll be slower than everyone else.


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      TJ Koyen

      +1 to Ray’s post. You have new sticky tires on the rear and older harder compound tires on the front. That’s why you can’t turn.

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