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    Mike Bruce

    In trying to get a perfect chassis setup, I have moved the seat rearward so much that I feel like I am reaching for the steering wheel. If I lower the ateering shaft to the bottom adjustment position, will the steering shaft angle have any adverse affect on the steering geometry? Or will it be Ok once I reset the toe settings?

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    tony zambos

    You might be going about this all wrong. The seat location needs to be set first to give the kart the proper weight distribution, about 40/60. Check with your chassis manufacturer for recommended seat location.
    Next, many chassis manufacturers offer different length as steering shafts. Perhaps a longer one would work for you. There are also wedges available that fit between the steering wheel and its hub. They’ll give you an additional 5,10 or 15 degrees downward tilt to the steering wheel.

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      Mike Bruce

      Tony, thanks for the suggestions. I do have the seat mounted as recommended by Arrow and I am very close to 40/60 distribution. The handling has gotten better the more I move the seat back. The problem is  I am running out of legs. LOL. I have my pedals all the way back and a 15 degree spacer under the steering wheel. A longer steering shaft would make it to high and even more uncomfortable. There is a lower mounting point for the steering support but mounting there changes the angles on the steering arms.

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    Walt Gifford

    The steering arm angles will not change in anyway that matters. Put it where you want it.


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      Mike Bruce

      Thanks Walt, I did and it works same as before and a lot more comfortable to drive.

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