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      Bryan Williams

      Hello, Im new to the sport and have only competed in one official race at my local track and I am getting into another one this sat. My question is if starting in the middle of the pack or towards the rear do you get right on the bumper of the guy n front for the of you for the green or do you keep half a kart or so of distance. Btw our starting line is about 50 yds before a fast corner so that might make the answear different. Also this is a kt100 class. thanks for any input.

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      Bob Baldwin

      Bryan : Always leave yourself an out if you are RIGHT on the guy in front of you and he bogs down or someone in your line has an issue WHERE are you going to go ?

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      Tim Koyen

      In sprint karting, most people are pretty much right on the bumper of the guy in front of him, but its easy to get caught up in a wreck that way too.

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      Bryan Williams

      I’ve noticed both strategies from the races I’ve watched. The first corner seems to be a magnet for spin outs and the guys that hang back bypass all that.

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      Justin Martin

      I use both strategies depending on the first turn…

      Sometimes In a large race with MANY drivers everyone is bumper to bumper and its the ONLY way to keep your RPM’s up thanks to the guy behind you who is constantly pushing you….

      However, smaller fields, or tricky first turns sometimes I will leave my self some room out of the last corner before the start, this way I can get a good “jump” on the start… This is only doable mid pack however. If you are in the front you will most definitely get caught….

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      Bryan Williams

      Thanks guys for the help. Like I said I’m still new and learning this sport but love going fast and am very competitive.

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      Walt Gifford

      If you’re new to the sport leave lots of room and survive the first turn, you’ll have more fun that way.


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      Depends on how much you trust the guy(s) in front of you…

      Trust is a huge part of this sport.

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