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    Alvaro Vazquez

    I’m going to be doing an autox soon and I’m wondering how some have gone about running their shifter kart at the event. Do you start it on the stand or on the ground? If on the ground is it push start or raising the rear and starting with a strap? Do you bring someone with you to help you or are people at the event willing to lend a hand with a push start or load/unload the kart stand? I’ve never done an Autox so any info would be appreciated.

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    Michael LaGrone

    I usually start mine on the stand, it wont idle so you need a second person to help get it off the stand and keep it running while you get in the seat… With my set up (stock moto and a pump around). I find that NO CHOKE works best. Its always good to start it a few min BEFORE grid to make sure it starts… Shifters can be tricky… hope this helps

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    Joe Ricard

    No idea why a stock motor won’t sit and idle..

    Here is how I did it alone.    4×4 under right rear frame tubes,  3rd gear wrap strap around tire.   get dressed,  3 cars to go pull strap and it always fired no sweat.  shift to neutral take off 4×4 and get in seat roll off to grid.

    Obviously this after you have gotten the motor warm pre-grid on the stand.

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    Chris Hegar

    Seeing a very successful season in autox, you guys should think about this….


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    Scott Newton

    I’m still new to this, but my process has worked pretty well thus far:

    1) Start the kart on the stand and let it get to full operating temperature before even going to grid.
    2) Shutdown motor, move kart to grid
    3) Depending on time between step 1 and when you’re about to go, maybe refire it again on the stand and let it run for 60 seconds.
    4) Put kart on the ground, in neutral
    5) When it’s time for me to move from grid to the start line, have someone push me 10-20 feet, and bump start it into first, and then drive to the start line.
    6) For 2nd and 3rd runs in a heat, I don’t need any pre-warming, just bump start it when the time is right. I’m almost always running on the cool side anyways, so letting it idle a bit has normally been acceptable.

    I am very tempted by the whole electric start idea, but my kart (and driver) is already overweight, and I already have engine::seat clearance issues.

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