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    Bryan Williams

    Bought a kt100 with a clutch last night as a back up/ practice motor that appears to be in pretty decent shape. It has an l&t 3 disk wet clutch installed that I want to take off to inspect but cant get the starter nut off. I used my 18v dewalt impact but wont budge. I also took off the other side of the motor cover thinking I could put a wrench on the other side of the crank but it just wanted to spin the nut off. Any advice to take the starter nut off?

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    Bryan Williams

    ok. im semi new to this but have taken a few different clutches and starter nuts on and off. Is it normal to have Loctite on the starter nut? The lady I bought the setup from new almost nothing so Im sure calling and asking if there was Loctite applied would not help.

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    tony zambos


    The last thing you want to is to put a wrench on the crank, opposite of the clutch. The crank shaft is two part and only pressed together. Knew a guy that used that method to install the clutch. His engine stuck every weekend, which there were several, until he found the problem with his technique. Get the proper fixation wrench and puller.



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    Bryan Williams

    I have looked for some sort of spanner wrench like the make for a horstman dry clutch with no results. I have a wet clutch puller but it requires the starter nut to be removed to pill the clutch. Could I hurt anything if I tried a larger air impact vs my 18v dewalt impact?


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    tony zambos

    Use the following link to Comet Kart Sales to see the three tools you’ll need, http://cometkartsales.com/Clutches-and-Tools/.  You might want to try the Classified-parts forum as someone might still have these tools and no longer need. I used to have them but even I may have discarded them after twelve years of no use.

    L&T is still in business.  Didn’t see the tools listed on their site, but you might wnat to call them or a distributor in your area or order them from Comet.  There also are probably many kart shops that sill have the tools on the self, waiting for a home.




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    Daniel White

    You’ll probably have to melt the loctite with a torch to get the starter nut off.

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    Walt Gifford

    You definitely need the right holding tool for your clutch.

    Don’t use an impact gun on a crankshaft. Don’t use piston stops or hold it by the flywheel nut. Get a 5/16″ allen socket from Sears or you can put a piece of pipe over an allen wrench for more leverage.

    If the taper is properly fit you only need a tiny bit of blue loctite and 25 ft. lbs. on the starter nut.


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    patrick hubbell

    Stop. never use a pipe wrench, channel locks, red locktite or an impact driver on the crank.  Use blue  Locktite and torque the nut to 300 inch pounds.  If red locktite was used on the starter nut you will have to melt it. To remove an L&T from the crank.  Remove the clutch cover. Place the special crank holding tool over the starter nut.  use a breaker bar with a 5/16″ allen and a wrench on the special tool. the starter nut is right hand thread. Counter clockwise to remove.  Using another special tool to remove the hub.  Ask some one for a manual for the L&T. send me your email address and I will send you one.

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