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    Samir Shah

    Hi. So, from my questions in the past few weeks, you might have surmised that I was working on getting my Leopard’s key start working again. I finally did. This message is for information only, ‘to the file’ as it were, as a reference.

    I converted a push button Leopard engine to key start (I already had another key start engine, so this was just to be able to connect to the existing key-start harness so I have a 2nd practice engine).

    – you need a new style stator (with rotor) and a coil, and it will be converted.  If you already have an engine, you don’t need the coil – I just take the clutch cover off and leave it on the harness and use it on both engines.

    The same starter and bendix are also common to Aprilia 125cc motor bikes, and I think also Rotax MAX engines.  I also think Polaris uses them too, so you can try your local bike or ATV dealer to get parts or replacements.

    – The starter was dead – it needed new brushes. The magnet also fell off inside. You can get just the brushes, or a whole used or new starters from various sources including ebay. On ebay, the brushes are only $5-$8 or so, vs $22-30 from a storefront.

    – The bendix on mine was also bad and would not engage the flywheel. No amount of cleaning would fix this.  I got a used Bendix for an Aprilia on ebay for $22, and that fixed it too.  The engine now cranks and starts.

    – Amazon also has a collection of Bendix’s for Polaris products, and I think they will fit, although I have not tried them.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.





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