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      Chad Harrington

      Where can I buy a set of standards to check dellorto  PHBG 18 BS carburetor main jet orifice.

      I have main jets from 80 to 100 and suspect some of being the wrong size for their markings.  I need precision set of standards to check the orifices.  Can anyone help?

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      Brian Degulis

      We flow tested for consistancy and found that all the Dellorto jets are slightly different. Some are way off. If you suspect you have jets of the same # that aren’t the same your probably right.


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      Rick Williams

      Brian Degulis if it’s not asking to much would you explain how you flowed your jets please.

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      John Kwong

      Hi Chad,

      You can use a set of pin gauges to check all of your jets.  Here is an eBay auction for those:


Viewing 3 reply threads
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