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      Brett Johnson

      Have lots of parts for sale:

      Coleman mini starter with battery: $160 (Sold)

      Streeter Big Wheel Kart Stand: $125

      Margay A Axle with keys: $75

      Scott Evan Blueprinted carb (for senior can class): $130

      Wild Kart 40mm sproket hub (new): $50

      40mm bearing cassette adjuster (adjusts the cross weight, new): $80

      1 full set of douglas aluminum wheels (black, 7.10 rear and 4.25 front): $75 for set

      streeter bead breaker: $20

      new throttle cable: $5

      Wild kart 40mm hubs (medium and short): $40 per pair

      pit pal gear rack: $20

      hdc-5 clutch wrench: $5

      40mm slotted brake rotor with hub: $100

      hdc-5 clutch puller: $15

      2-219 chain breakers: $5 each

      1 piece metal 219 gears: 71,72,73,74,76,77,78,79,80,81,83,83,84,85,86,86,87,88,89,89

      1 piece extron 219 gears: 79,80,81,83,84,85

      Gears are $8 each or $175 for all the gears

      40mm locking collars (5): $5 each or $15 for all

      all prices do not include shipping and if you would like pictures of anything please email me at be-johnson@wiu.edu


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      Brett Johnson

      Parts are located in colona, Il

      also have pop-off guage for $25

      more parts than this just too much too list

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