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      Chris Barrington

      I’m finally getting into tuning my kart, after 7 or 8 events of chasing down various mechanical issues.  It’s a 2000-ish TrackMagic with a Honda CR125R and 40mm rear axle.

      At the moment, I have a 15 tooth sprocket on the engine and a 28 tooth rear sprocket.  This setup seems okay for Adam’s Motorsports Park, but seems a little too short for CalSpeedway and certainly too short for Apex in Perris.

      I have a 26 tooth rear sprocket that came with the kart that I just found when cleaning up the garage.  Would that setup match CalSpeedway and Apex?  It looks like it’s only 0.1 difference in ratio.

      Any suggestions on a rear sprocket would be great.  I’d like to show up with the best sprocket installed vs. spend three or four sessions testing out sprockets I wasted my money on.



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      Gabriel Podboj

      Chris.. just send me an email to :


      And I will send the Gearing Chart to you and some ideas at the tracks you are going..

      We are  going to Perris on Saturday 13 May.. you are welcome to join us..



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