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      Todd Olcott

      I hesitate to post something here unless I TRULY believe it might happen but I truly believe that we will be invited within the next few days to race with a group at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump NV on Feb 22.  The entry will be around $200 and all karts will run together (scoring will be separate of course).  This will be an event put on with a sports car group that has hosted karts on a regular basis before at another venue and those races have gone off without a hitch.  That is why I believe this will happen.   We have been there before, but not in about 7 years.    The format will be 3 times on the track (as of now) 1 practice, 1 qualify, and 1 main.  Requirements: Minimum age 16 WITH A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE.  No trophies (as of now) and no payback–just the gratification that we get to race on one of the smoothest 3.1 miles of asphalt in the west.  So being as it’s short notice (I apologize but I have been trying to finalize this for at least a few weeks) please indicate your interest below. I should have final approval in 48hrs as to whether this is a sure thing.  Further updates on this will be here so check the box that says “notify me of updates” if you have it or email me directly fouracespool@yahoo.com or post here.  If many of you don’t know me I usually race with NCK.  Thanks everyone.  I’ll be in touch.  –Todd Olcott.

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      Ray Chiappe

      I sure hope this comes off! 60 miles to get on a road course! End of March I’ll be driving 12 hours one way to get to Thunderhill.


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      Bill Cox

      Would totally enjoy getting to run this track.  Bad timing for me.  The weekend before I’m in Chandler AZ with the SWK group on the Bondurant West Track.  Can’t pull-off back-to-back weekends anymore.

      Hope this opportunity comes around again…with more heads up.

      Uh…Ray: Are you going to Big Willow on March 15th?

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      Todd Olcott

      Waiting for insurance approval.  Hey Bill–you have the footage yet of me breaking my axle at Cal-Speed?


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      Jason Santander

      Todd thanks for your work putting on this thing, never heard of this track till now. Track looks awesome. Maybe this should be our next USKGP  since COTA is out of reach at this time. Not the same caliber but nice quality track.

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      Todd Olcott

      Still waiting for final go-ahead…standby.

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      Todd Olcott

      I regret to inform everyone that this will not happen because of insurance requirements.  Evidently, the insurance required is event specific at Spring Mtn whereas at other tracks the sanctioning body runs at, the track insurance covers karts.  The facility at Spring Mtn evidently does not carry it.

      Thanks for all the emails and phone calls I got about this.  Hopefully with more notice in the future, we can pull this off.  This is one of those tracks that is SUPER smooth.  I have been on most of it in a kart and it is like glass.  I will try again soon and with maybe more notice, we can visit the insurance problem sooner to make this happen.  I want to run there more than anything.  It has eluded us for about 7 years.

      Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up.  I had high hopes for this to happen and as previously mentioned I would never post here unless I thought we could pull it off.

      –Todd Olcott

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      Greg Lindahl

      Hey Jason.

      The TBA at Sonoma is worth a heading of its own in here.  That way everyone will know.

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      Hey Tod – thanks for trying I appreciate it! – This is a track I would love to race on, if the opportunity comes up again please try again and you can count on my support!

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