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    Jack Cook

    How many superkart guys opt for using a sprag axle vs a conventional split gear setup. I am using a Sprag currently, it cost me a finish for the last race. I spun and killed the engine on a hill but could not roll down the hill and re-fire the engine because I could not get out and push the button to lock the sprag. I just picked up a completed Anderson axle with conventional gear set-up.  Thinking of taking off the sprag. How many perfer one over the other and why? thanks in advance.

    Jack Cook  Anderson/CR250 NCK #24

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    Larry Dobbs

    After our last Thunderhill race where I lost 6th gear at the end of the straight and the rear wheels locked solid at over 100mph I put my sprague hub back on at the Sonoma race.  I will continue to use the sprague.

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    Brian Wilhelm

    I’ve been running a F-125 Laydown gearbox kart since 1993. I will not run without a sprag, period. The safety factor is huge, the performance advantage is Impressive, and if you stick a motor the damage is minimal since the axle isn’t turning the motor. You’ll pay for the sprag quickly with the parts you don’t tear up, and you’ll like how it frees up the kart in the corners. One of the best innovations ever for gearbox karts.

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    john Dillon

    I agree the safety of a sprag is worth it. My second outing in a 250 a few years ago, I stuck the engine at Mid Ohio on the front straight. It happen so quick I had no time to grab the clutch and proceeded to put it in the wall. I was ok but the kart was hurt bad, and it really rattled my cage. The next season I had a sprag  on it. Took away that fear of going for a ride. Took a while to get used to it, but I agree the kart feels more free in the corners. Will not get in a kart on a big track without one now.

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    Bobby Butler

    In my opinion, all 250 singles should be required to have a sprag or other axle device.  Of course that will not be, so I’ll advise everyone to look around in the pits prior to the racing/ practice and identify those without!  A twin has no issues because losing or sticking one cylinder doesn’t result in a locked up rear axle.  And guys, never,never,never come up on the 125 guys or a 250 single without full knowledge they may lock up at any moment.

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    Jack Cook

    thanks for everyone’s reply. I rebuilt mine and reinstalled. thinking of doing one for my 125 also.

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