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      Blake Foley



      my 2008 crg road rebel kart has an original crg spindle on one side and a gp racing branded spindle on the other . My question is does this affect anything poorly in the front end geometry? They look to be close to the same but I’m not entirely sure



      thanks for your time


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      Most likely it won’t make a difference, those 2 karts were manufactured real close, GP was a CRG offspring during that time. Some guys called it the blue CRG. If you notice the calipers, rotors, axle and components are the same, unless ceramic duraclan rotor brake system.

      This is kind of the newer version of DR karts, but DR chassis are cheaper to buy.

      Or kind of like Fernando Alonso karts and all Tony Karts/ Kosmic/ OTK stuff.

      Anyhow hope that helps, if not you can always find a factory CRG spindle, but unless it doesn’t affect your handling and steering I wouldn’t worry much about it.

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