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    Larry Prisco

    I have a Rotax Max 125cc in Sept. of this year we have a burnout contest an its all car they want me to put my kart up against a race car I know I will have the speed but I need to beat him out of the hole could someone give me some advice im running a 13 clutch an a 79 sprocket  I need speed an pickup Thank You Larry.

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    tony zambos

    You know you can’t have both speed and acceleration out of the Rotax. For faster acceleration, go smaller on the clutch gear. There are 11 and 12 tooth sprockets. Going down to a 11 tooth on the clutch sprocket is going to change your top end from 72 to 61 mph at 13.5k using the same 79 on the axle. But off the line you should be pretty good.
    Keep in mind that the Rotax isn’t going turn much more the 13.5 and have any power behind it. A shorter track is going to help you out.

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      Blake Newson

      With the EVO kit, the senior engines will make power well past 14K. If you run 11/79 you will get to 65Mph at well past 14K. Still difficult to be quick out of the hole with a single speed machine. Seems like a job for a shifter.

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    Larry Prisco

    Hi Guys question for yous If I run a 66 an a 13 will I hit the 13k faster that a 79 an a 13?  or what can I do for good speed out of a 125cc Rotax Thanks Larry.

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