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      Dave Hall 71

      I just want to thank Stacey Cook and CRG USA for all the help last weekend at the summer shootout.  We got caught up in a couple of wrecks and bent up pretty bad.  With the help of Stacey and his crew we were able to make it back on track without missing a race.  I also wanted to make note of his daughter Sabre taking the time to talk with all the young kids and let everyone know what a class act this family is in promoting the spirit of family in this sport.  Thanks again, David & Paden Hall 78x Micromax

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      Stacey Cook


      Thank you! You and your son are what this sport is all about, We feel very fortunate to be able to help and contribute somehow. Anything we can ever do please let us know.

      Keep doing what you do, the time you and your son are spending together are memories you will cherish forever.

      See you at the Rotax Grands,


      Stacey Cook
      CRG USA

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