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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Hello, just got my 5 1/2 yr old son started in Karting. I’m his Crew Chief.
    We are in it for the long haul until I can get him into a real race car in his teens. We have tons to learn so any advice is welcome. He is starting to get comfortable w speed

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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Sorry getting used to this forum. We have a 50cc Birel & he has all the gear. Thinking about buying a used RV so he cabn b entertained & comfortable & avoid crazy FL heat between sessions.

    Any advice re the RV ?

    Also looking for a mechanic soon for track support


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    Rob Howden

    Hi William,

    Asking a question in the forums, on a race weekend, a holiday weekend at that, will often guarantee that you’ll have to wait a little bit to get an answer. In the meantime, welcome to eKartingNews.com and welcome to the sport of karting. You won’t find a better sport in which to connect with your son and teach him so many life lessons.

    One of the first things any of our forum members will want to know if order to help you is your location. By filling us in on where you live, we can better assess the options that you may have in terms of tracks, available classes and race shops in the area. You want to find a club to check out, and we always recommend just heading out and watching a club race first hand. It will also be important to find a good kart shop to work with, as you can certainly buy a used package from the EKN forums or a local racer, but your kart shop owner will likely be your go-to guy for assistance and any parts you might need.

    It’s funny that you’ve posted this question, as we’re very close to rolling out the first installment of our ‘Karting 101’ series of articles, which will be designed to help educate people new to the sport and those looking to getting into it.

    So, let us know, where do you live and what club is that closet to your home?


    Rob Howden
    Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Thanks we are lucky to live in Homestead, Fl just a few min from the Homestead kart track & Speedway. We,ve been to a race weekend here & he really likes it but I’m keeping it low pressure cus last thing I want is for him to burn out.

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    Walt Gifford

    IMHO they shouldn’t let kids in karts until they’re 8 years old. Just another way for the kart shops to make money playing on dad’s pride.


    FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
    Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
    Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
    41 years karting experience

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    patrick j slattery

    You will find that everyone will have advise.  choose one or two that you know have experience and stick with them.

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    WIlliam Hubbell

    I got him an electric razor kart when he was 4 & laid out a hairpin, slalom, & a few more corners for him so he already had some experience before he got on the race track.

    He is already picking up speed & learning the lines. Have him up to three 10min sessions a day once a week.

    Immediate goal is to get him to track almost every Sat after school starts & spend a few hours there. I’ll get myself a kart too.

    The RV will b a huge help in making his day better at track

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    Brian Degulis

    Anderson in Palmetto  http://www.andersenracepark.com/Home.aspx Has a great coach for young kids (Mike) for $50 an hour it’s a great investment. In a few hours he taught my kids more than I could have in 6 months.



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    David Cole

    Hi William, please see your private message I sent you. Thanks.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    jeff grose

    William, aren’t there any nice golf courses near Homestead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just kidding,,,,,,,,

    go to Homestead karting and talk to Tony, he’s a great guy and will get you and son started in the right direction

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    Matt Dixon

    Welcome to the beginning of a great Father/son experience. After 10 years of doing what you are beginning I would have to say, love every min it goes by fast. I started Garrett at the same age, growing up at the track has molded my son into a great young man and taught him so many life lessons.

    Advice, keep it fun. If your yelling at your kid, take a break. If your yelling at another Dad, take a breath remember things happen in racing. If your yelling at your wife, take her on vacation she can only go to the track so many weekends a year.

    Don’t keep buying motors thinking your out powered, most likely that kid will be faster then yours in your kart. Buy track time, coaching and tuning help.

    Keep it fun and he will love it forever, if you do it right racing is a great carrot to dangle to make parenting a little easier…


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    Bernie Baldus

    My advise,

    Get yourself a kart as well.  You will have fun and will be able to help the kid out more with the knowledge you get from driving and setting up your own kart.

    Teach your kid to do his own work on his kart (as much as possible.)

    Enjoy yourself.

    Life lessons and experiences can be great from karting.

    I am 49, I started at 8 years old, my Dad still races, my son in College still races.  My grandson is almost 3 and hopefully has karting right around the corner.

    Enjoy your time.


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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Going to track tomorrow. Met Emerson Fittipaldi tonight & got a photo of him w my son. He was interested in his kart, told me his 7 yr old Grandson is starting karting too.

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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Starting some next level “stuff”

    Buying an RV Toter home w room for 3 or 4 karts in the garage. Has generator, big AC, dining table w 2 couches + a big convertible couch! full bath! kitchen, fridge, & cabinets for racing suits, helmets, tools, spares etc

    Now we can go spend ALL day at track & between sessions he can relax in AC on a couch in the shade drinking his milk & playing on his iPad.

    RV will be awesome for allowing him to enjoy karting more & it’s an escape from the damn HEAT @ FL now & bugs & rain

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