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      Hi, Guys! Happy new year to all of you!

      A track owner recently spoke to me, and asked me to ask all of you, and your opinion about starting a new class here locally, at a club level for all the TAG karts that are not able to race anywhere else, due to expensive new engine choices, taking in consideration and understanding that a lot of you invested tons of money on engine packages that are only good for boat anchors.


      We would like to have your opinion on how you feel about running older, and outdated TAG engine packages?

      We would like to keep it pretty much equally to be fair to all drivers, ages, weigh, and power plants, so that all can come out and have fun with out being so ridiculously strict and expensive. And we can run a spec tire or fuel/premix combo.

      I know the sport is getting out of hand with all new regulations, and we wanna keep it simple and affordable by keeping the FUN FACTOR in place.

      We are located in Bakersfield Ca. 1 hour past Magic Mountain, and closed to Button Willow and Willow Springs, so it’s pretty centrally located for most Californians. We currently strongly and mainly run Yamaha KT100.

      Please let us know how you feel about this, and all your input will be greatly appreciated.

      For more info you could check out the website ( 2 different web sites )



      Or call track owner Rusty Sanders (661) 472-3828. Thank you all, and let’s bring out all those TAG karts, and enjoy the big investments you made, that are not allowed to race anywhere!!!!!!!  FASTFREDDY.  ;)


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      wayne hayden

      hi freddy happy new year like some people tell me willow to far lol we love the track just with my time at the track I think it needs new leader ship tech guy can not be a engine builder rusty and big o are great people but we raced at 8 tracks this year and it was great they had tech every time you came of the track and no punk kids giving you the bird why not run kpv 1 and 2 some prd the comers 50 and 80 class are almost done to may be do a 3 track year go to your 2 or 3 time come to willow and go to apple valley all good tracks I think racer like to go to all new every month ? let me know when you want to test down here

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      Oh, Hi! Wayne!

      Yeah, with my fat butt I was thinking about it.

      I always appreciate your thoughts and input

      When are you guys planning to do a track day there? My Son and I don’t have a KPV 2 at the moment, but we’d be more than happy to come out and try a test day with our KT100’s

      How is the condition of the track, these days? Any maintenance and repairs done to it lately?

      When is a good time to come down?

      I’m changing clutches and pipe, and different weight too, I’d like to see how the old kart will do with those changes.

      Thanks for the reply, nice to hear from you man. See you soon.

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      wayne hayden

      track is good they have done some work to it there going to do more soon let me know what weekend works for you sir any one is good for me

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      Some time in February

      Do you guys have a 2015 Schedule ready?

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        wayne hayden

        hey buddy almost trying hard keep you posted we are going to have a go kart swap meet soon

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      Oh, cool!

      Let me know the date ahead of time

      I have some stuff that needs a new home. Thank you, man.

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