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      Derek Lodato

      Good morning David….

      I had the suggestion of adding the ‘Wanted to Buy’ section and I think it is really taking off nicely .. Thanks for that

      My next suggestion is for the removal of sold items in a more timely manner. I think it should be a requirement for people using EKN who have sold their product to specifically list ‘SOLD’ after their item is sold or ‘Product No Longer Available’ if they retract their Ad.

      This way you personally can run through them and quickly delete the ones that are sold (Probably will take about 10 minutes a week). It will clean up the site and prevent people ‘Like Myself’ from wasting time contacting sellers asking if they still have their product available for sale.

      A weekly purge will keep the site fresh with relevant Ads … I have a few that have sold long ago but my Ad is still sitting there occupying space.

      Just my two cents etc

      Have a good one and thanks again!

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      David Cole

      Thanks Derek. Most people edit or update their ads to say SOLD in the subject line, and really should delete the information as well. It is up to the poster to do so, as it is their responsibility. If they do, users will know to not click on that ad. Eventually, we will be able to purge out the sold ads down the road.


      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

Viewing 1 reply thread
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