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      Pat Eldridge

      Due to popular demand, the SoCal KPV Senior class is being added to the 2 Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals.

      The 2015 IKF 2 Cycle Sprint Grand National will be held at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA on July 29 – August 1, 2015.

      The SoCal KPV Senior Class will run on Day 3, Saturday, August 1st, allowing drivers the option to enter the Yamaha Senior Super Sportsman classes on
      Days 1 and 2 with Yamaha engine packages.

      The class will run HPV/RLV 3 pipe @ 360 lbs., KPV/HPV 4 pipe @ 390 lbs. Old clutches allowed, minimum stall speed of 5000 rpm.
      All other current IKF rules apply for KPV engine/cylinder and chassis.

      Both pipes will run together as one class at the weights published above. This formula has been used by a large group of racers in the Southern California area.

      This is shaping up to be a large class, so bring out those KPV and Yamaha engines and join the fun!

      All Tires must be Hoosier R60.

      Punches are not required for this Grand National.
      Participant must be a current IKF Member.

      IKF Membership Applications and Minor Release/Parental Consent Forms are available on the Forms page of the IKF website, http://www.ikfkarting.com.

      One Event Memberships are not allowed at the Grand National.

      On line Registration is available at http://www.motorsportsreg.com and the Entry Form is available on the IKF website at http://www.ikfkarting.com.

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      Brian Patterson

      Thanks for adding this class. With a minimum stall speed of 5000rpm I’ll be setting mine at 9000rpm to get out of the corners quicker.

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