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    gerard krempasky

    First Arai I have owned.    My size large shoei seems a decent amount larger.    That helmet does lift up at high speeds though.     Do arai’s tend to be on the small side because this sucker is a snug fit.   I am wondering if perhaps its too small.    I measured my head up before I ordered and i’m right on the money for a size large.   23.5 inches my head measures.

    Those who own these sk-6’s whats your thoughts?    Do they break in some and fit a little better or think I should just get a larger size?   The helmet doesn’t move around much at all which is good and I can feel the inner layer contacting my head at every point like its sculpted to it but the forehead area seems pretty tight.      Cheek pads as well.     I’m torn because I just dropped $700 on a helmet and I don’t want it to always be a nuisance from too snug of a fit.

    I take it off and i’m sittin here moving my jaw around and flexing my forehead muscles cuz it still feels snug after its off my head lol



    -update.   took the cheek pads out.   wearing it for a bit.    feels pretty snug in forehead area some pressure on the top of my head in the center and some pressure in the back in the center.

    -update number 2.   ordered a size xl.     no sense always wondering if that would be a better fit.   i’ll compare the two and return whichever I don’t like.


    still would love to hear other drivers opinions though.

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    Adrian Baran

    It’ll break in a bit and conform to your  head at least  mine feels that way after wearing it for a while (also an SK-6 owner). If the helmet is causing you discomfort after wearing it around for a longer period say half an hour then you probably need a bigger size although maybe someone else can chime in especially those that have more experience.

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    gerard krempasky

    victor at gphelmets told me some of his pro drivers actually put on the new helmet and watch and entire movie to get a good idea on fit and help break it in.

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    I wear a 7 1/4 baseball hat and I use a Medium GP-5 helmet. They do fit more snug then most helmets, but once they form to your head, you will love it.
    I have a friend who wears a medium, but he went with a size up cheek pads, because they are smaller. The helmet was too tight around his cheeks.
    I hope this helps.

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    TJ Koyen

    My SK6 was very snug at first too but after about a day wearing it, it broke it and fit like a glove.

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