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    Casey Brier

    UPDATED ON 2-5-2018, (Lowered prices, removed kid kart info as it has sold)

    Pictures can be seen here: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/2-top-karts-gear-and-trailer/6461693645.html

    Family has 2 karts, gear and trailer for sale:

    Kid Kaert (SOLD)
    Cadet Kart (8-12 year old)
    Adult kart (12-adult)

    Cash is preferred, but I can accept credit through paypal.

    2012 Top Kart Speedy: (12-Adult)
    Rotax 125cc TAG engine (passport included)
    Mychron 3
    Timing beacon
    Shorai lithium ultra-light battery
    New axle (stiff)
    Upgraded brake system
    New chain
    Spare set of wheels and tires (NOT PICTURED)
    Multiple jets with jet holder
    Multiple gears
    Spare Chain
    Fuel can
    Hitch Hiker kart stand
    Spare hubs (2)
    Other misc. spare parts
    The seat that comes with the kart is a Tillet T10 XXL. Combined with the speedy chassis this is a big boy friendly kart!
    Low angle motor mount
    Price is $2,700 for everything.

    Adult gear:
    HJC CL-17 Redline helmet – XXL, with a gold mirror lens. Spare clear lens included (new). I always wore a helmet sock. Helmet looks like new.
    Oakley karting gloves, size XXL in guessing. I have big hands.
    Oakley shoes, size 14, like new condition. They fit more like a 13 in my opinion.
    RibTect XXL rib protector (used)
    RibTect XXL rib protector (new)
    EVS RC2 Neck brace – Adult
    K1 Speed custom suit. Size comparable to a XXXL.
    Price is $200 for everything

    Top kart cadet: (8-12)
    Comer K-80cc engine
    Comes with starter (brand new battery)
    Kart is in great shape and runs great!
    Hitch Hiker kart stand
    Fuel Can
    Price is $1,700 for everything.

    Cadet gear:
    K1 suit (used 1 time)
    K1 gloves (used 1 time)
    K1 neck brace (used 1 time)
    Ribtect chest protector (used 1 time)
    Bell helmet
    Price is $300 for everything

    Other spare parts:
    TDC Bead breaker $20 (used 1 time)
    TDC Brake bleeder $20 (used 1 time)
    TDC Chain tool $20 (used 1 time)

    Perfectly held 3 karts!
    Trailer was designed for a race car. It is very low with long ramps. I put (removable) blocks in place to lock the karts in place. The low stature makes it a breeze to tow and easy to load the karts (or a car). Trailer has a tire rack that works perfectly for keeping up to 3 kart stands.
    There is a lockable tool box that serves as a great place to keep the tie downs and spare kart parts.
    All 5 tires are brand new!
    Trailer is $2,500

    PLEASE NOTE: The small kid kart in the pictures has sold.


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    Casey Brier

    Karts for sale

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